Horizontal lines on Vizio tv screen

Horizontal lines on Vizio tv screen. Vizio TVs are the latest famous smart Tv models to entertain yourself and your family members by watching entertainment programs and movies.

You can also connect your smartphone to the Vizio tv and use social media apps on the big screen.

However, suppose you are facing difficulty watching Vizio TV because there are horizontal lines on the tv screen. In that case, it is a very irritating situation because these horizontal lines draw away attention and distract you from enjoying the movies.

When you switch on the TV, you expect a normal, bright screen without any lines and electronic glitches. But, if you see horizontal lines coming on the screen, then there is an issue with the device, and you need to fix it to enjoy the movie without any lines distraction.

Keep reading this post to learn the main causes of the horizontal lines appearing on the Vizio smart tv screen and how you can remove these lines.

Horizontal lines on Vizio tv screen

If you see horizontal or vertical lines blinking on the tv screen, then before you call a professional, read this troubleshooting guide to fix the horizontal lines.

You need to fix all the wire connections again and recheck all the input configurations. Besides this, check the smart tv screen because sometimes you don’t know if the tv screen is damaged or broken.

Restart the Vizio tv

restart the vizio tv

When you see any issue with an electronic device, your first step must be to restart the device. So, if you are distracted by the horizontal lines flickering on the tv screen, then switch off the tv from the device power button or remote control.

It is not enough to switch off the tv; you need to disconnect the Vizio TV plug from the power receptacle for the complete power cycle.

After removing the power plug from the wall socket, now wait for 2 minutes and insert the plug in the receptacle after 2 minutes.

Sometimes electronic glitches and bugs create different issues, which are automatically fixed by restarting and giving a power cycle to the device.

Reset the device

If restarting the Vizio tv does not remove the horizontal lines, and they are still flickering on the tv screen, then the next step is to perform a soft reset of the device.

Resetting the tv is not a big deal because you just only need to press and hold the power switch on the Vizio TV for half a minute. The tv will auto reset, and hopefully, if there is not a hardware issue, then the horizontal lines will be removed on the tv screen now, and you can enjoy watching the movie.

Wrong HDMI Cable connection

Input wire connectivity issue is also one of the main reasons for the horizontal lines flickering on the Vizio smart tv screen.

HDMI cables are used to connect the smart tv with other devices like laptops or desktop computers, so you need to connect both devices with HDMI cable tightly.

If you do not make the correct input connection, then many issues generate, like the horizontal line on the tv screen, so check the input HDMI cable connection on both devices.

So check your HDMI cable first and see if it is tightly connected or loose. In most cases, the cable is loose, and the problem is solved adjust by connecting the wire in the port tightly.

The next thing to check is HDMI cable is connected to the right port or not. It’s essential to insert the cable in the right port because if you reverse the audio and video cables, then the picture will not come on the screen, and you will see the horizontal lines, so ensure again you have inserted the cable in the right port.

If the issues continue, then pull out the HDMI cable and insert the cable in another port to check the lines are removed from the screen.

HDMI cable is damaged

hdmi cable is damaged

If there is no issue with the HDMI cable connection, then check the HDMI cable. If you are using the cable for a long time, then it may be worn out or loose due to overuse.

If the cable is twisted or tangled from one or two places, then it will not give a proper connection between the two devices.

Replacing the damaged cable is the only option because if you continue using the broken cable, then you will not get the bright screen, and Vizio tv will keep showing horizontal lines.

So, purchase a new HDMI cable and insert it in the right port to connect the computer, laptop, or any other device to get a clear picture on the tv screen.

Old Vizio smart tv

When a smart tv gets old, then its many parts and inside wires become loose and damaged and create different issues like horizontal lines on the Vizio TV screen.

So, if your smart is too old, it’s better to replace your old tv with new smart tv because repairing the old tv device will not work for a long time and will again affect its performance.

Software issue

Sometimes the horizontal lines come on the tv screen to irritate you during watching a film due to a TV’s software issue.

If you have not updated your Vizio smart tv for a long time and the tv is running old software that still has glitches and bugs, then it’s important to update the latest software on your smart tv.

So, If the horizontal lines are moving and not still, the problem that is occurring is related to your TV’s software, and you need to update the software immediately.

But, if the horizontal lines on the Vizio smart tv screen are not moving and are permanent, this problem is not happening due to software. You should check your tv with a professional because the permanent lines come on the screen pixels and real screen problems.

If the lines on the screen of your TV are completely permanent, then the issue has to do with your screen’s pixels and actual screen and not its software.

Detach third-party Devices

Third-party devices are also sometimes responsible for horizontal lines flickering in the Vizio smart tv.

When you attach the lines moving on the tv screen, ensure there is no third-party device attached to the tv and if any device is attached, then ensure to detach it to fix the issue.

Voltage variation

voltage variation

Voltage variation or fluctuation is also responsible for the horizontal line showing on the tv screen. But, this is a very rare case because if you are living in a posh area, then there is no power fluctuation issue occurring in that area.

If you live in an old area, then there is no stable electricity, and many electrical appliances start malfunctioning due to voltage variation.

So, if you see a sudden change in the tv screen and horizontal lines showing on the screen, then it also occurs due to voltage variation, and it can lead you to damage your smart tv.

Physical damage

Last but never, the minor reason behind this issue is physical damage to the smart tv. When you move the smart tv from one room to another room or shift the tv from the shop to home, then ensure to keep it safe because if you drop the tv slightly, then it can damage its screen and other parts.

Fix the smart tv at that wall far away from the water source because if you accidentally throw water on the screen or its input ports, it can damage the screen and speakers.

If you have newly purchased the Vizio smart tv and it is still showing the horizontal lines on the screen, then it is physically damaged during the ship, so contact the shop owner for taking help regarding this problem.


Horizontal lines on Vizio tv screen. The final thoughts on this article are if you have Vizio smart tv in the home and you are frustrated by the horizontal lines appearing on the screen, then read the above article and follow each point to sort out the issue.

If still the lines are not removed from the screen and still flickering on the screen, then hire a skillful professional to check the Vizio smart tv. Hopefully, you will like the post.

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