How to program a magnavox universal remote

How to program a magnavox universal remote. It’s very difficult to manage different remotes for different devices because you can not keep a number of remotes in a home in safe places. Magnavox is a universal remote used to operate different devices because you can see it anywhere and in any part of the world.

You can use this remote to program many devices like different cable boxes, live streaming equipment, and many others also.

You must follow the proper steps to program a Magnavox universal remote because if you leave one step, the universal remote will not program.

There are two methods used to program the Magnavox universal remote. The first method is Philips Magnavox remotes code and the second method is the Search code method.

Dont worry; if you are here, it means you are in search of how to program a Philips Magnavox universal remote, so keep reading the post because I will explain both methods step by step to make it easy for your troubleshooting.

How to program a magnavox universal remote

In modern times, various devices are used in homes to entertain, like smart TVs, cable boxes, DVDs, etc. Each device has its own remote control, and it sometimes becomes difficult to manage all the remote controls.

Therefore, Many people prefer to keep Magnavox universal remote in their homes to get rid of switching to different remotes every time.

You can easily program this universal remote because it has too many features and is also very easy to use. Let’s talk about the methods used to program this remote.

  • Philips Magnavox remotes code
  • Search code method.

Now, I will discuss each method step by step, so keep reading each point attentively and follow the instructions.

Philips Magnavox remotes code

philips magnavox remotes code

The first method we use to program the universal remote is the Philips Magnavox remotes code method. It is also called the direct code entry method.

Follow these steps to program the universal remote.

  • First of all, plug in the power cord in a working power source and switch on the smart tv or the other device.
  • After turning on the smart tv, now check your universal remote and ensure its cell batteries are working because if you keep using the remote with all the entertainment devices, then its batteries become weak, and you need to replace them with new replaceable batteries. Dont think about inserting the rechargeable batteries in universal remotes because they are worn out in quick time and also damage the remote.
  • Turn off all the other entertainment devices in the room because if more than one device is turned on in a room, then you can not program the universal remote.
  • Press and hold the TV and SEL buttons on the universal remote for a few seconds up until the button flashes.
  • When the light flashes on the remote buttons, then mention the Philips Magnavox TV code.
  • If you are using any other entertainment device, then you need to press different buttons and codes.
  • Now, the last step is to press the smart tv button to keep the code.

Great, you have successfully programmed your universal remote with your smart tv without taking help from someone.

Now, it’s time to test the remote with your smart device, so switch on and off the tv and increase or decrease the tv volume.

Auto search option method

If you don’t have the important codes for Magnavox smart Tvs, then don’t fret because you can use the auto search option method to program your Philips universal remote.

Here are the auto-search option steps to follow.

  • Switch on your smart tv and ensure there is no other sound system or entertainment device turned on because if more than 1 device is turned on simultaneously in a room, then it will mix up, and you can not program your universal remote.
  • Next, check your remote control batteries because if they are worn out, then you can not program the remote. Insert new batteries in the universal remote if the old batteries are 3 months old.
  • Stand close to the entertainment device and directly aim the remote lens towards the device and press the TV and SEL buttons and wait for the lights to turn up.
  • Push the power button on the remote control to mention the code search mode.
  • Press the CH+ or CH- button frequently in the remote control device and wait as late as the smart tv changes the channel.
  • When the smart tv changes the channel, then it means you searched the right code.
  • Immediately press the parallel button or smart tv device to store the code and enjoy using your device with Magnavox universal remote.


How to program a magnavox universal remote. The final thoughts on this post are it’s better to keep the universal remote in a home because handling too many controllers for smart tv, DVD player, and cable box is literally a tiring task.

You can easily program the universal remote through Philips Magnavox remotes code and Search code method. I am sure this post is helpful for programming the universal remote.

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