Hulu black screen with audio

Hulu black screen with audio. Hulu is a trendy and demanding video streaming app for authentic content that consists of lots of TV shows and movies to get entertained in your spare time.

This Hulu app offers many subscription plans according to the customer`s needs with availability in the US region. This app efficiently provides numerous Disney-relevant titles due to its parent company which is known as Disney Media.

But sometimes, this app can also face difficulty in playing these shows and movies due to any issues. For example, these issues may be related to network problems, app crashes, or defanged files. To adjust these problems, you have to perform multiple troubleshooting steps.

During using the Hulu app, there is a most occurred problem is that you can experience the Hulu black screen with audio.

It means that you can only hear the sound but with a black screen that will annoy you during your relaxing time. So, I will tell you the steps or methods to fix this annoying problem.

Hulu black screen with audio

Why does Hulu black screen with an audio issue occur?

why does hulu black screen with an audio issue occur

Mostly this problem happens due to the usage of an android streaming device which has various data problems like this because you are not clearing unnecessary data from your device. That`s why this black screen comes, and the audio never stops.

This problem is not specific to only one kind of TV brand. This may occur in Sony TV, Samsung TV, Roku, Apple TV, Vizio TV, PC laptop, Mac, Firestick, etc.

So, many given steps can help you to check and fix these issues from all these kinds of TV.

How to check and fix this issue?

Method 1:Await for a few minutes and press the play or pause button

There is also the option of no ads in the Hulu app; if you are not using this option, when if your TV screen goes black with audio, then you should wait for some time, and after waiting, press the pause or play button for further process.

Mostly this happens after some wait. The app starts doing its work properly without any flaws.

Method 2: Examine the internet connection

To play this Hulu app, you should have a proper internet connection; sometime this may happen that a black screen may appear due to the bad internet connection.

To fix this problem, you have to do these steps of checking the speed of the internet. For this motive, you have to open a browser on your smartphone. Search, which is an online test tool to check or test the speed of the internet.

After this, you click the go option, which will automatically start testing of internet speed. You can also save this test result to compare and match this with your subscription plan options.

On the other side, you can solve this Wi-Fi network issue by turning off that device from your Hulu app connected and then checking your modem and router by unplugging it from a power source.

Wait for a few minutes and plug these into a power source and start it again and connect it to the Hulu app again. With the help of this internet connection, reconnect your smart TV with the Hulu app.

Method 3: Apply an off-on test on your device

This is a very common method to fix the issue of the Hulu black screen with audio. These steps will able your Hulu app to work properly. In this method, you can do a test off and then on all your devices that are connected to your Hulu app.

For example, pull off the power cable of the smart TV and Wi-Fi network connection and wait for a few seconds or more than seconds and again plug in all the cables.

In the next step, on your TV, internet connection, and Hulu app. There is a great possibility that the black screen with audio will resolve by these steps.

Method 4: Remove all irrelevant data from the Hulu application

If your router and streaming device have various irrelevant data, then the Hulu black screen with audio error will occur. So, for this problem, you should remove all cache and data from your Hulu application.

Here are some steps that will help you with the solution to the black screen problem.

  1. To clear data, open the app`s setting option.
  2. Select the desired applications.
  3. Choose the manage installed apps.
  4. Look and select the Hulu app from the given list.
  5. Press the clear cache and clear data option.
  6. Again open the Hulu app and log in to your account.

Method 5: Reconstitute your Samsung smart TV hub

If your smart TV is stuck on a black screen, but the audio is not stopping while using the Hulu app, then you can solve it by reconstituting your smart TV through the setting option.

When you go to setting here, you can see an option of support; that option you have to select and after this, select the self-diagnosis option. Then choose the option of resetting the smart hub.

Do it again and again if still, your smart TV’s black screen will disappear.

Method 6: Restart your smart TV

restart your smart tv

You can restart any brand smart TV if they stop with a black screen while playing audio. This restart option will refresh your smart TV without any problem.

Method 7: Reinstall the app

Most of the main solution for the Hulu black screen with audio is fixed by uninstalling the current app and installing a new one again from the app store.

So, for this purpose, you have to delete the Hulu app first from Smart TV, then go to the app manager and again reinstall the new Hulu app.

When this installation is done, then you can open it and check again that the black screen is disappeared or remains persistent. This step will resolve your problem permanently or temporarily.

Method 8: Try a different browser

If your Hulu app is not working and showing a black screen with audio, then it may be due to the browser, so you should use a different browser to see thousands of shows and movies from the Hulu app.

Method 8: Solve with the help of Device care

Some of the reinstalling doesn’t work, so; there we use Device Care to repair Hulu black screen issues on their smart TV. So, for this action, you go to settings then, select Device Care, and press the run Device Care option.

Is Premium Hulu User also noticing a Black Screen problem?

If any user is using a Hulu app without any advertising plan, then they will notice the error of black screens during advertising. But after some time, this will disappear on their own and start playing selected videos.

Premium Hulu users are not commonly facing these problems, but if they notice these problems, then they can solve them by pressing the fast, forward, rewind, pause and play buttons even on a black screen.

Mostly the black screen problem can also solve by this method. But if premium users also see that the black screen with audio is not disappearing, then apply any one of the methods to solve this error.


Hulu black screen with audio. To use the Hulu app, you should first delete or cache all data from your device. Always keep a good source of internet connection to avoid this issue.

Reinstallation of the Hulu app is also a good method to avoid black screens with audio issues. Many methods are given above, and these will help you to remove the error of the Hulu black screen with audio.

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