LG magic remote cursor not working

LG magic remote cursor not working. LG is a popular brand which various electronic devices for its customers. The lg magic remote comes up with lg smart TVs.

It is a multifunctional remote because a cursor trackball is fixed on the remote to give you more control over the device.

When you turn on the lg smart tv to enjoy a film or news channel, then aim the lg magic remote at the tv screen. It will display a cursor on the screen, just like the laptop or desktop computer cursor.

You can play different games and choose a different option if the cursor of your LG magic remote stops working.

If your lg magic remote cursor is not working due to default settings, worn-out batteries, and the ‘Audio Assist’ feature is turned on.

Let us talk about all possible causes of the lg magic remote cursor not working and what are the possible solutions to the issue.

LG magic remote cursor not working

LG Tv remotes are the latest magic remote control with many features. You can navigate different options without any menu.

But, these magic remotes are not exceptional from issues because they also start malfunctioning due to multiple reasons.

If your lg magic remote cursor is not appearing on the smart tv screen or is stuck on the screen, then there are some technical issues beyond this trouble. Keep reading this comprehensive article to reset the LG TV magic remote.

Dead batteries

dead batteries

If your lg magic remote cursor is not working, then the first thing to check is the remote batteries. When you continuously use the magic remote to control the tv screen, then its batteries become dead soon, and the cursor stops working.

It’s better to keep replacing the batteries in the lg magic remote control after two months for the proper functioning of the remote control device.

Always insert the alkaline batteries in the remote control because they have more energy and work longer in the remote.

Do not use rechargeable batteries in the remote devices because they have low voltage, affecting the lg magic remote performance, so avoid using the rechargeable batteries in the remote.

When you do not use the remote for a long time, drag out the batteries because they become weaker in the remote.

When the remote batteries become weak, the magic remote’s cursor stops working, so change the dead or weak batteries in the remote device and check whether the cursor on the screen starts working or not.

Suppose it is moving now, great. If it is not moving, then keep reading the article for other solutions.

 Default Settings

The Magic Remote cursor also stops working or departs from the lg smart tv screen due to default settings.

In this situation, the remote cursor departs from the tv screen and provides a continuous display, but when you pin the remote button, the magic remote cursor comes back on the screen.

So, recheck the magic remote default settings and readjust them to remove this problem.

Sensor is blocked

These magic remote-control devices depend upon the infrared rays to change the channel or volume on the tv screen. Sensors are found at the bottom of the tv screen.

If you place a physical object between the tv sensor and the remote control, then the infrared rays will not pass, though, and the remote cursor prevents working.

Ensure to sit at a suitable distance from the tv screen to operate it from the magic remote control because if you sit far away from the lg tv, then the remote cursor will not move due to being out of range.

Audio assist feature

When you switch on the Audio ‘Assist’ function on the tv screen, then the magic remote cursor is removed and prevents working.

In this feature, all other remote buttons keep working except the cursor not moving. So, if you want to use the cursor, then switch off the audio assistant feature.

Restart your tv

restart your tv

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the lg magic remote control, and the problem is in the lg tv.

So, turn off the lg tv from the power button and drag out the power cable from the power source.

Wait for one minute and replug the cord into a power outlet to restart the tv.

In some cases, the issue generates due to bugs and electronic glitches, and the remote cursor starts working after a complete power cycle to the tv screen and remote control by removing its batteries for 1 minute.


The bottom line of the post is if your lg magic remote cursor is not working, then it is not a big issue that you hire a professional because there are simple reasons like dead batteries, voice assistant function, default settings, and sensor being blocked beyond this issue.

I am sure this post is helpful for you to get rid of this issue, and if still the cursor is not appearing on the tv screen, then contact the local professional to look forward.

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