LG tv turns on but no picture or sound

LG tv turns on but no picture or sound. LG smart TV is one of the most durable and stylish kinds of TV, but sometimes it may also face that situation when the LG Tv turns on, but no picture or sound is available.

Most of the users of the LG smart TV complain that they are facing the problem of a black screen and no sound. But not to worry because these issues also have proper solutions.

If you are also facing the same problem, then this article will help you to correct this error.

For many years users have been facing these problems, but nowadays, a user can correct this by himself by knowing the reasons for the black screen with no sound or picture.

As this problem may occur due to any technical faults or hardware issues. If, firstly, you only reset or unplug your TV for about 60 seconds, this problem can resolve, but many other methods can resolve this issue.

Now I will tell you all reasons and methods for the correction of the LG TV black screen with no picture or sound. I hope that this article will help you to solve that issues.

LG tv turns on but no picture or sound

Reasons for the LG TV black screen with no picture or sound

Many common reasons will cause an error like that in your LG smart TV. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. A poor Power Outlet

a poor power outlet

If you are using a poor power outlet that is not providing enough power to turn on your smart TV properly, then this error will occur.

Due to this fault, your TV will automatically turn on and turn off because this poor power outlet provides less power supply than the TV requirement.

For this, you have to change the connection of the power supply to turn on your TV with pictures and sound.

2. Damaged Cables

Damaged cables are the main things for the power supply. If they are not working well, then your device also does not do perfect work.

The damaged cables may cause the turns on tv with no picture and sound because these damaged HDMI cables or power cables cannot provide the proper video and sound signals.

So, you have to check them and replace them if they are damaged.

3. Issues in the Settings

Sometimes there may be issues in the settings that can also affect the better functioning of smart TV. If your Energy Save Mode is turned on, then It may cause the TV screen to turn on with no picture or sound.

So, you can change it with the help of your smart TV remote. Sometimes the mute button is turned off that causing no sound to come from your smart TV.

For such issues, go to the setting and set the proper options like standard picture mode, backlight setting from 10 to 30, and brightness about 50. Again restart it after setting and check that issue.

4. Temporary glitch

Most commonly, your TV is facing a problem of temporary glitch, which is one of the usual reasons that cause a black screen on your LG TV with no sound and picture.

5. Loose cables

Sometimes cables may be connected loosely, which will turn off your TV screen. So, always use new and tight cables which can provide your TV with a good power supply without any hurdles.

6. Outdated software

If your smart TV software is outdated or not updated, then your smart LG TV might face that problem. So, always keep your TV updated.

7. Enabled power saver

Always enable the power saver mode because this mode will reduce the power usage with less brightness and contrast of the display.

Quick solutions to Fix LG TV turn on but no picture or sound

quick solutions to fix lg tv turn on but no picture or sound

Solution 1: Examine Cable Connections

The quickest and most common method to fix this problem is that you should examine the cables of connections. Always make sure that your smart TV and all cables are connected properly.

If you show any problem with cables, then reconnect or replace them with new ones. Always examine the HDMI connection if you notice this problem.

Solution 2: Software Update to Fix 

You can update your LG smart TV software if this TV is also showing a black screen with no sound or picture.

Sometimes there is the possibility that the manufacturer updates new versions and features to maintain the smart TV mechanism or display quality. So, this is highly recommended that updated within a few months to function properly.

To update your TV software or the firmware, you should do the steps that are given below:

  1. Put on your LG smart TV.
  2. Select the menu section.
  3. Open the tab named General.
  4. Select the option of Navigation and click on the Expert Firmware Update.
  5. After all these steps, select the update button.

Solution 3: Disable power saver mode 

You can also close the option to enable power saver mode because this results in a black screen. When you disable the power saver mode, then you should keep the screen shut down for about 5 minutes.

To disable power saver mode, apply the steps that are given below:

  1. Put on your LG smart TV.
  2. With the help of your  TV remote, force down the home button.
  3. You should navigate it by the Settings option and then select the Picture option.
  4. With the help of the Picture option, you can search for Energy Saving and press on it.
  5. If it is already enabled, then choose the ON button to disable it.
  6. Sometimes this option is already disabled so first, enable it and then disable it again.

Solution 4: Reset TV Input to Fix 

Sometimes some of the Incorrect settings may be remains turn on in LG TV, which may be causing a black screen issue.

To fix this kind of problem, you can use the remote of the TV to press the source button that will help you to display and then remove all unnecessary inputs.

You should enable these settings for all kinds of input failures that may also be caused by the use of other device HDMI and source devices. So, always ensure that you can reset with all kinds of input updates.

Solution 5: Factory Reset LG TV

You should reset your TV inputs with the help of factory configurations to solve this problem. After this, you can once again set the setting and features according to your needs.

You can also back up network settings and data for later use. You can also follow these steps to do resetting of your TV.

  1. Put on your LG smart TV.
  2. Check the TV settings.
  3. Select the General settings.
  4. Then select reset to the first settings.
  5. Write your password and select Reset. After this, select confirm to save and keep these current changes.

Solution 6: Switch on Picture Mode and Backlight Settings  

This is another solution to fix the LG smart TV black screen problem. Because this is possible that this problem is occurring due to display settings like the bright backlights and overheating of the TV.

So, to avoid this problem, you can change the picture mode and backlight settings. These steps will help you to resolve the black screen with no picture or sound.

  1. Put on your LG smart TV.
  2. Check the settings and choose the All Settings option.
  3. Select the Picture More option.
  4. Choose the alternative Picture Mode, which is Standard.
  5. Then, decrease the backlight bar and reset it between ten and thirty.
  6. Change the brightness level to about 50.

Solution 7: Apply general Troubleshooting to Fix 

Troubleshooting is also a common thing that causes the LG smart TV to have a black screen. So, by doing these steps, you can get rid of this problem.

  1. Firstly check your smart TV for all hardware and wiring problems.
  2. Then, take a good kind of standalone outlet besides taking power stripes or dividers.
  3. Make sure that your smart TV remote power button is silently or perfectly sending commands or signals to the TV.

Solution 8: Power Cycle Your LG TV

If your TV is not working well and showing a black screen with no sound or picture, then use the method of doing the power cycle of the LG smart TV. Follow these instructions for the power cycle of your LG smart TV.

  1. Put off your LG TV.
  2. Then, plug off all cables of power from the port.
  3. At least wait for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Then again, Plug all cables into the port and put on the smart TV.
  5. Press on the power button for 10-15 seconds which is available at the bottom of your tv.


LG tv turns on but no picture or sound. There are all the essential details that can help you to fix the problem of the LG TV turning on but no pictures and sound.

So, here are also solutions in this article which are recommendations for solving these issues. You can do this solution like

  • Do the method of Power cycle to LG smart TV
  • Navigate all HDMI connections
  • Check if the backlight of the smart TV is still functioning
  • Sometimes this is an issue of the screen itself

These are all the best solutions for the improvement of this problem. Most users are trying and testing it. Even most of the time, one of these methods works according to reason.

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