TCL tv volume fluctuates

TCL tv volume fluctuates. It’s very frustrating to see your TCL volume fluctuating NY itself without pressing the remote control buttons because you can not enjoy the movie with a sudden increase or decrease in volume.

If you are here on this post, it means your smart tv’s also increasing and constantly decreasing without any command from the remote control.

There are many reasons responsible for the Tcl tv volume fluctuation, like the device remote control malfunctioning, the TV’s software issue, the control switch being adhered to, and sometimes it occurs due to wrong volume settings.

Before you contact a professional to check the Tcl tv for audio issues, read this complete post and follow each instruction and point to fix this problem by yourself. If you call a professional, you must pay a few dollars for service.

TCL tv volume fluctuates

If you are interestingly watching your favorite season episode with your family, you suddenly see the volume increasing and decreasing by itself.

Dont think it is ghostbusters because it is happening due to remote control issue or a control switch being stuck.

Please do not waste your time thinking it is a ghost, and read the article to locate the solution.

Check the remote control

check the remote control

The remote control device is used to control the device because you can not stand up again and again to change the channel on the volume from the smart tv side panel buttons.

If you see there is a sudden change in device volume, then the first thing to check is the device remote control.

If there is an issue with the remote control device, it may increase or decrease the device volume automatically without pressing the volume buttons on the remote control.

If the remote control becomes faulty,  then it also starts changing the tv channels and brightness level.

In this situation, first of all, change the channel on your smart tv and wait for ten minutes to check whether the issue is the same on the other channel.

Suppose you note no increase or decrease in volume on other channels, and volume fluctuation happens only on one channel. In that case, there is no problem with the remote control, but it is an issue with the specific channel, so you can call the local cable operator to resolve the problem.

Check your remote control with a professional if the volume fluctuation occurs on each channel. Your best bet is to replace it with a new remote control device because it is not too costly and easily available in the market at cheap rates.

Clean your remote

The tv remote control is the most used device in any home because everyone uses it to watch their favorite channels. Therefore it gets dirty due to child and adult hands.

It also gets dirty when you keep it at any place during a cleaning session, so dust gathers in different buttons to make them dirty.

When dust is gathered in the button, then it starts malfunctioning. If your budget is tight, then open the remote screws and carefully remove the dust and debris from all the buttons.

The control switch is stuck

the control switch is stuck

The smart tv volume also starts fluctuating without any command from the controller when the control switch is stuck.

It is a severe issue because when the control switch is stuck, then it overturns your volume settings and starts changing the volume itself without your intention.

So, if you are skillful, then fix the control switch by yourself; otherwise, contact a professional to repair the control switch to watch the Tv without any sudden change in volume disturbance.

Software problem

Another major cause of the TCL smart tv volume fluctuation is software problems. Most tv brands have a built-in software system to check and develop the device’s performance.

If the remote control and control switch is not making a problem with the auto change in the volume, then there is the possibility that it is occurring due to a software problem.

Open the user setting on your smart tv device and locate the software factory reset. Now click on the factory reset to fix the volume fluctuation on your tv.


TCL tv volume fluctuates. If you are having an issue with the tv volume fluctuating after some time, then it’s very frustrating because you can not enjoy the video content you are watching.

In this situation, you need to check the remote control device, control switch, and device software. If the remote control is dirty or faulty, then the volume will go up and down by itself.

Optimistically, this post helped you sort out the changing TV volume automatically. You can also hire a professional if still the issue is not resolved.

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