The cloud cannot talk to roomba

The cloud cannot talk to roomba. Some people do not like big-size vacuum cleaners to clean their house; they actually prefer small roomba devices to clean the floor. This roomba device is connected to internet connections and is also easily portable.

However, sometimes the device stops connecting with the internet connection due to the cloud cannot talk to roomba. There are a lot of reasons behind the roomba device not connecting with the roomba cleaner device.

The first and most prominent reason behind this issue is wifi signals not reaching the roomba device. Another big reason behind this trouble is distance range.

If you are living in a large home, then you must place the internet modem at that place where the wifi signals reach every corner of the home because the roomba device reaches every corner of the home to clean the dust.

Keep reading this post to learn various reasons behind the cloud cannot talk to the roomba device.

The cloud cannot talk to roomba

Roomba devices are connected with the wifi internet connections in the home to clean the home in a quick way, but it is very frustrating to see the roomba device not working due to a wifi signal issue.

Dont need to be frustrated and follow these steps if the cloud cannot talk to roomba.

Check other devices

check other devices

If your roomba device is not receiving the wifi signals, then your first step is to check the wifi signals on the other devices connected to the internet router in the home.

There are many smartphones and other devices connected to the internet, so check whether other devices are receiving the wifi signals or not.

If the smartphone is working on a wifi signal, then it means there is no issue with the internet modem, and there is a problem with the roomba device.

Out of range

If you see the other devices and your smartphone is receiving the wifi signals, but the roomba device does not work, then check the device distance from the internet modem.

There is a specific range for the wifi signals, and when any device gets out of the range, then the device will not receive signals, so if your home is large, then you need to place two routers in a home to connect the devices.

Installing a wifi extender is necessary for the roomba device because when you connect the desktop computer, smartphone, or laptop to the internet connection, then you usually face no wifi signal issues.

But, in the case of the roomba device, it is different because the roomba device has to move in all parts of home, even under the beds, so that’s why it’s necessary to install a wifi extender in another part of the home for fast internet connection.

Restart the router

If you see that all devices are not working and there are no wifi signals on all devices, then turn off the internet router.

Unplug the router cord from the power source for five minutes and insert the cord into the power source and press the power button to switch on the router.

Reconnect all the devices and roomba devices and check the wifi signals are accessing to devices are still you are having issues with the internet.

Mostly, restarting the device troubleshoot the problem, so whenever you face wifi signal issues, then restart the modem to resolve the problem.

Reset the modem

reset the modem

If restarting the device does not solve the issue, then your next option is to perform a factory reset to the router because sometimes bugs or glitches create minor issues.

If your Roomba device is connecting and disconnecting frequently, then place the roomba device close to the internet modem and follow these points.

  • Launch the iRobot Home App on your smartphone
  • Connect your Roomba and app to the same internet connection or router.
  • Open the “Settings.”
  • Press “Factory Reset.”

Suppose a factory reset solves your problem; great. But, if the issues are still there, don’t lose hope and keep reading the article.

Many devices connected

Your internet connection is usually connected with too many devices in a home, decreasing the wifi signal speed.

When you connect more devices to one modem, then they work at half capacity due to wifi speed, and some devices even stop working because some devices require 5mbps speed to work efficiently.

So, if your roomba cleaning device cannot talk to the cloud, disconnect some devices from an internet connection.

In case you can not disconnect the smart devices from the modem, then your next option into increase the internet’s bandwidth and install a wifi extender in the home to improve the wifi signal speed.

Contact with local internet service

If all the above tips do not work, and there is no internet on, then contact the local internet service provider to inform them about the no internet connection because sometimes there is an internet service issue due to maintenance going around in the area.

Contact with professional

If you have purchased the roomba vacuuming device recently and it is not connecting with the wifi signals, then check your device with a local professional for further assistance.

You can also claim a warranty card from the roomba company for replacing the faulty device with a new one.


The cloud cannot talk to roomba. The final thoughts on this post are if you have a roomba device in your home and it connects with wifi to work; then you must have a fast internet connection and try to connect fewer devices with one router to increase the wifi signal speed.

If the cloud cannot talk to roomba, then follow all the points in the article to reconnect the device with the wifi router. I am hopeful this post helps reconnect the device to the internet.

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