Westinghouse tv won’t turn on

Westinghouse tv won’t turn on. If your Westinghouse TV is not turning on, the TV may not have any power. Your television may not be plugged in.

The television’s power may be off because of the outlet. The cables may be the culprit for it not turning on. Other connected devices may be interrupting your TV as well.

I was not sure what was happening to my TV as my Westinghouse Tv was not turning on. I thought that my Westin house was seeing its end and was worried as it was not that old.

I bought this TV last year, and it was scaring me for not turning on. Worried, I called Westinghouse service and told them my TV was simply blank.

They gave me a few directions on fixing the TV and what might have happened and even asked me if I needed a professional. I fixed my TV.

Westinghouse tv won’t turn on

Westing TV helps you enjoy anything you watch on it, with its radiant display and good quality. The situation can escalate, and you may not be able to enjoy the TV if it doesn’t turn on.

The not turning issue in Westinghouse is as common as the other TVs.

The TV may require a simple restart that can fix your TV. The power may be the reason, so just by restoring it, you can turn your TV on as if it never had any fault. The vale or antenna may be the reason for your problem, and the same goes for 3rd party devices.

Unhooked cord

unhooked cord

Westinghouse Tv, just like any other TV, needs to have power so that it can power on and run. But sometimes the reason why the TV is not turning on is that you haven’t been giving the TV power to start at all.

This subtle lack of power or emptiness makes the TV stay as it is and doesn’t get powered on. If you have a power issue, then the thing it is related to most is the cord of the TV.

The cord can be called the supplier that provides the power to the Tv, and if the cord is not hooked, then you won’t be getting any power to your TV, and it will not power on.

You may not have plugged the cord accidentally, or someone has taken the cord out without your knowledge.

  • Solution

The power cable not being hooked is pretty common, and you know why the power cable has not been hooked.

You may have forgotten the hooking of the power cable, and you cannot power your device. The cord is important, and it needs to be plugged into a working outlet so that you can use the TV.

If your Tv doesn’t power on, check the cord and see if it is plugged in or not.

If not, you can always plug the cord however you like. Make sure the cable is hooked properly and not loose, as it can also be the reason for that.

Defiled cord

If your cord is plugged in and still no power comes to your TV, then the cord may still be your problem, but this time it’s not because the cord is loose or not hooked.

The problem with the cord this time is that the cord is actually damaged. The damage is internal in the cord, and it may have been caused by vending of the cord, which is not supplying power.

The other thing of damage can be that the cord visibly gets faulty, and you can see that there are makes on the cord. The cord can also be broken, and you may see the cord broken a little or completely if you look at it.

Internal breaking of the cord will not be visible like that, but it is possible. The damaged or broken cord will give the same issue as the unhooked one.

  • Solution

Use an external multimeter if you think that the wire is damaged from the inside. You should check all the points of the where and make sure you detect the damage if it’s not working.

You can use short to check it. In an external multimeter, you can power the wire and then just move the meter over, and you will know.

If you are simply checking for the outer damage, then you need to use your eyes and see if the wire is physically damaged.

Replace the wire if it has internal damage. You can also replace the wire for external damage. Read more below!

Off outlet

If you are having an issue, then you should clear all of them at once. The reason the TV doesn’t turn on even if it has been plugged in is because of the button.

The power button on the outlet or the main button of the outlet is an important thing.

If your power button is off, then you won’t get your power in the cord from the outlet, and thus the power cycle won’t even occur. The outlet button plays an important role in the cycle of power. Your TV needs to have an on outlet for this.

  • Solution

If your TV is not working because its outlet is not on, then you simply need to turn the outlet on. By turning the outlet on, you can get the power to the cord, and thus the power reaches the TV, and it turns on. Sometimes there is damage in the outlet, and the outlet is on, but it doesn’t work.

The damage is caused by power surges and external breaking of the outlet as well. If you have an outlet that is on and still not working, check the outlet and see if it is working.

You should test it through a multimeter. If it’s an outlet issue, then try another outlet and see if it works. Replace the outlet that is not working if you see that it’s faulty. Read more below!

TV power button

tv power button

If you have your outlets on and working and the cord is well, then you should check the TV itself.

There is a power button on the TV that needs to be if you have not seen it, then your problem may be from there.

You may not have turned it on, or rather than turning the button on, you may have turned it off.

This happens as you have to push the button, and no one knows if the button is on or off. The power button on the TV is also a pretty common TV issue.

  • Solution

The only thing with an off button on the TV that you can do is to turn it. Your button can be in different places depending on your TV. It will have a power icon on it. Press the button, and your TV will power on. You can see the Tv’s power button on the guide.

Versatile issues

Other issues in Westinghouse TV include the use of 3rd part application that causes the problem. The remote may be powering it off. The cable or the antenna may be the problems that are being faced by your TV. Read more below!

  • Solution

Disconnect any 3rd party devices that are connected to your TV, as they may have caused it.

Press the power button on the remote and see if it has turned off. Check the cable or the antenna of the TV and call services to fix them.


If you are having a Westinghouse TV turning issue, then clearly, its reason is the power. You should check all the electrical parts like cords and outlets and even look for problems with 3rd party devices.

If the Westinghouse TV still doesn’t turn on, professionals can help. Thanks for reading!

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